Your summer reading books are rich texts, full of specific and unusual words; some of these words might be ones that you have not encountered before. To improve your reading experience and build your vocabulary, we highly recommend practicing these words using Vocabulary.com before you read your books. Students who complete the practice lists will receive extra credit on their summer reading essays and projects. Furthermore, we will be using Vocabulary.com regularly throughout the school year, and practicing with that system now might make the beginning of the fall semester a little easier.


Step 1: Join a “class” for the books that you have selected.

Please read these instructions carefully. When you click on the link for the class, you will be prompted to either sign into an existing Vocabulary.com account (if you have used it in middle school) or create a new one. Choose an email address and password that you can remember. Your username should be your first and last name.

Vocabulary.com will only allow 50 students to join each class. If you receive a message that the class you have selected is full, please email Ms. Chapman at echapman@houstonisd.org.

Circe Vocabulary

In the Time of the Butterflies Vocabulary

Snowflower and the Secret Fan Vocabulary

I Am Malala Vocabulary

Unbroken Vocabulary

Step 2: Practice your vocabulary list.

Under the “Assignments” section of your Vocabulary.com account, you should see the title of your summer reading book.

There are a lot of words in your list, and you do not have to finish the practice session all in one sitting! Vocabulary.com will save your progress and let you return later (and in fact, doing a little bit at a time will probably help you to better understand and remember the words.)

Step 3: Watch out for these words as you read your book.

Hopefully, when you begin reading, you will be able to recall your encounters with these words using Vocabulary.com!